Welcome to the Law Office of Arthur B. Macomber

Arthur B. Macomber has practiced real property law in the Inland Northwest since 2006 bringing practicality, plain language, and a hard-nosed attention to client matters. He built Macomber Law, PLLC from solo to six attorneys practicing in three states over a fifteen-year period. That firm was sold in 2021 and he is now a solo practitioner again.

Art's learned a few things over the years about how to practice law. A couple words of advice:

Legal Economics. It takes time for an attorney to understand your legal matter, and we all know time equals money. Not spending money upfront to understand your legal matter can cost you a lot more in the long run. Avoid expensive mistakes. Understand how the law applies to your specific circumstances before making any legal moves. Get a legal opinion first. 

Legal Opinion. A legal opinion provides you with the information you need to understand the structure of the law regarding your matter, what legal choices you have, and which path is recommended. A legal opinion should be written in plain English so you can understand it. If you hire Art, expect a legal opinion within three weeks.

Mr. Macomber is practicing real property, public entity, election, constitutional, and natural resource law. Please contact him by email.